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—  Libations  —

Ask your barista about our seasonal specials


Espresso Drinks

— Doppio—
a double shot of our hand crafted organic espresso 

—  Americano  —
hand crafted espresso diluted with water to create a beverage similar to brewed coffee

—  Cappuccino  —
double espresso with equal part steamed milk  and foam 

—  Latte  —
double espresso with 2 parts steamed milk and a thin layer of foam

—   Mocha   —
double espresso with chocolate, steamed milk and a thin layer of foam

—  Flavor Shots   —
blackberry, blueberry, brown butter toffee, caramel apple butter, caramel, cinnamon, cookie butter, french vanilla, frosted mint, honey, lavender, lime, orange, peach, pear, toasted marshmallow, gingerbread


Coffee Offerings

—  Daily Brew   —
our house varieties ground and brewed fresh daily 

—  Pour Over   —
choose your favorite coffee variety and have it ground and brewed right into your cup 

—  Nitro Cold Brew  —
Our small batch, cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen to create a smooth coffee with a foamy head


100% Fruit Smoothies

—  Pina Colada  —

—  Strawberry Lemonade  

—  Berry Blend  

—  Mango Magic  

—  Tropical Tumeric  

—  Green Ginger Peach  

—  Forbidden Fruit  

—  Caramel Apple  

—  Pineapple Ginger  

—  Mocha Berry Almond  

—  Coffee Breakfast  

—  Blueberry Muffin  

—  Peach & Oat  

—  Strawberry Oatmeal  

—  Chai Delight  

Available Add-ins: Yogurt, Leafy Greens, Whey Protein




—  Mint Chocolate Chip  —

—  Vanilla Creme  

—  Cookies & Cream  

—  Mocha  

—  Chocoholic  

—  Matcha Green Tea  

—  Salted Carmel  

—  Chai